AHMEDABAD: Contrary to his claims that he was in the washroom, was Pavan Maurya, the only co-passenger of BJP ex-MLA , inside coupe G of coach H1 when the Kutch leader was shot dead on Tuesday morning?

Even as seven attendants and a ticket checker recorded their statements that they heard gunshots which killed BJP ex-MLA Jayanti , conversations were reportedly heard of the assailants debating if Maurya should also be bumped off after murder of Bhanushali.

“Do we bump him off too or spare him”, the assailants were reportedly heard asking they had killed Bhanushali. To this, one of the attackers said, “Leave him”.

Pavan Maurya has officially recorded his statement to police stating that he was in the lavatory when Bhanushali was shot dead and that he came to know of the crime only when he returned to the coupe after a long haul in the toilet due to an upset stomach.

Senior police officials in the know of the development said that the assailants considering to bump him off as the only eye-witness in the case may have freaked out Maurya. He reportedly was left shocked and it was only after sometime that he could recover himself and alert authorities about the murder, say police officials.

Sources said that as per chain pulling time details, the murder would have occurred between 12.45 am and 12.55 am on Tuesday morning.
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