Top 5 Must-Have Magento 2 Social Media Integrations

The longer technology keeps going, the more convenience people want in normal life. With the rapid development of smart devices and the popularity of social networks, eCommerce is creating strong impact waves than ever. 

It is said that 87% of customers decide to buy something when they are using social media, which totally changes the sales model from the traditional one. Marketers and vendors now are focusing on their content on social media, approaching leads, educating them about the products/ services, then make them take the decision. 

According to recent research, worldwide spending on the digital eCommerce platform reached up to $4.7B (a 15% increase rate over years) through online channels. So the way you use social media on business will decide your brand’s future.

Integrating your Magento 2 store with social media helps you drive sales quickly. Here are 5 must-have extensions to link your stores to social networks.

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 1. Instagram Integration by Magenest

There are 75% of Instagram users may look for product information after saw its advertisement on Instagram. This is normal that more than 500,000 businesses promote their product/ service on this platform. 

Besides, Instagram is built as a mobile app and with 500 million daily active users that is a huge resource for your business dig in. 

Magento 2 Instagram by Magenest keep customers interested in your products using your Instagram photos.

Magento 2 Social Media Integrations Instagram

With this extension, people may integrate the biggest pictural social media- Instagram with the Magento site quickly. Furthermore, you can align your store with multiple layouts options, that make customers feel comfortable when surfing your page. 

The convenience also expresses through the ability tracking how your photos perform for later marketing campaigns. Since you attract more customers to browse your product on the website, they also approach your Instagram wall by this add-on. It means more content may reach them. 

Another interesting feature is a single picture in which you can “pin spot” multi-products, easily point out products’ feature when customer hove their mouse on it. Gaining customer “wow” element is always a good way to make them remember your brand.  

2. Twitter Integration add-on

Twitter is one of the hottest social media channels with the number of users go shopping 2.6 times more than non-users do, integrating this online network to your Magento store is no big deal. Depend on a monthly basis, Twitter has more than 330 million active users and over 500 million people access Twitter. Launching your content on Twitter increases your brand awareness in this potential platform. 

With its simple, fast, and flexible, Twitter is an essential tool to develop authentic brands and find devoted audiences.

Magento 2 Social Media Integrations Twitter

Many brands successfully connected with their customers when they express their brand voice and personality. Remember a legit marketing post of Oreo during the Super Bowl 2013? When the stadium was a blackout, the match immediately stopped.

Within 1 minute, the Oreo team had posted a funny post about a single cookie near the dark with the title:” You Can Still Dunk in the Dark”, and this post became a phenomenon that people kept retweet it 10,000 times within 1 hour. With its powerful advantage, don’t hesitate to integrate this attracting channel to your websites.

Don’t hesitate to integrate this social media into your Magento site.

3. Facebook Integration extension

Obviously, Facebook is the most popular social network in the world, with approximately 1.59 billion daily active users and 47% of people only access it through mobile, via Facebook Newsroom.

A survey states that there are 98% of B2C businesses and 89% of B2B businesses are using Facebook, so we cannot deny this social network has an abundant and attracting market resource. 

Magento 2 Social Media Integrations Facebook

Connecting your online store to Facebook is never easier to operate. In Magento Marketplace, you can find some useful and suitable Facebook- integrated extensions for your Magento 2 site. Depend on your need, there are plenty of options for the online store.

The main advantage is that you can import directly the Magento store to Facebook, attracting lots of attention from online users. Normally, these extensions also allow your customers to freely commend or share your product. 

Customers tend to more reluctant when they had to sign up into an unfamiliar store and buy a product, so bringing your products to the Facebook store will make customers feeling safer when they purchase.

Let’s integrate this social media to your Magento website now. 

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4. Youtube Integration tool

People tend to pay attention to visual content and marketers use this psychology to create more and more appealing content for their campaigns. Obviously, Youtube is a huge resource for visual content. Using Youtube integration extension to turn your Magento 2 store into a vivid gallery. 

Magento 2 Social Media Integrations Youtube

You can easily create your own Youtube channel on Magento 2 now. Merchants can grab videos from any Youtube channel, enable or disable any Youtube channel easily. Important information about the Youtube channel is retrieved and displayed so you can get a grasp of what customers can see from your gallery.

Furthermore, you can track notable statistics of all videos from your backend. To get more interesting functions and useful information, you can check the Youtube Integration by Magenest here. 

5. Linkedin Integration extension

Linkedin may not have more users than Facebook, not focus on vivid contents as Youtube and Instagram, but they still able to strengthen your business by its features and customers’ folder.

In detail, Linkedin is the largest professional network that obtains over 610 million members. No matter a hirer or an employee you are, you can always update current industry news and build a top of mind awareness in Linkedin.

Magento 2 Social Media Integrations Linkedin

Furthermore, this social network also offers Linkedin ads that allow users to turn the platform into a sales channel. 

Some online sites may need sign-up to finish the payment, adding Linkedin login may help them to make the purchase easier. Instead of using a new account of Magento, shoppers now can log in with their own Linkedin account.

As soon as they hit the button, your backend can collect customers’ Linkedin data, you can offer them to subscribe to your social page or refer in the future purpose.


We showed you the top 5 must-have extensions to integrate your stores into popular social channels. Whether your business is a new startup or a global enterprise, integrating your Magento website to social channels will bring an amazing advantage. If you have any comments, feel free to tell us!

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