Chatbot innovative services for your e-commerce websites

Chatbots are real-time software that pretends to be human and converse with your customers through text and voice inputs. E-commerce websites are growingly adopting this new channel for bettering customer experience in a more natural and engaging way.

The development of artificial intelligence and the ability to converse in natural language can make chatbots become extraordinarily popular in recent years.

What is more, while E-commerce is a booming and constantly-transforming industry, chatbots are playing an essential part in eCommerce online stores.

Bots give a customized experience to your customers through instantly satisfying answers based on their profiles and needs. The 24/7 live support at any point in the shopping journey will effectively increase customer relationships and eCommerce conversion rates.

So, what is a chatbot?

Technically, chatbots are real-time software that pretends to be human and converse with your customers through text and voice inputs. An E-commerce website is growingly adopting this new channel for bettering customer experience in a more natural and engaging way.

How to build a chatbot for e-commerce businesses?

Surprisingly, your eCommerce website can easily possess a high-tech chatbot without complex programming techniques. As a matter of fact, you can stay at home and create it within some clicks.

Here are 5 of the best platforms available for your online websites if you intend to build an ideal chatbot.

1. Flow XO

Chatbot platform for eCommerce website: Flow XO

The first platform for business is FlowXO, which is useful to create AI bots for Messenger, Slack, SMS, Telegraph and the web. This solution allows users to choose a fully automated bot, human, or a hybrid of both. You can make the most of complete flexibility from over built-in modules & integrations.

2. Chattypeople

Code free chatbot platform: Chattypeople

If you are looking for a code-free option, Chattypeople should be your next stop. This chatbot engine has templates for e-commerce such as Magento and OpenCard, supporting PayPal and Stripe API integration.

This enterprise chatbot builder also offers in-depth analytics of your bots’ performance and the transactions happening as a result of the dialogue. Moreover, a rudimentary customer question FAQ section is always available to answers your customer service questions on time.

3. Microsoft Bot Framework

Chatbot automatically for online website: Microsoft Bot Framework

The Microsoft Bot Framework enables chatbots to automatically interact with your customers from your website to Skype, Slack, Messenger, and so on. You will use Bot Builder SDKs to develop dialogs while your bot can see, hear, interpret, and interact with customers in more familiar ways thanks to Cognitive Services.

The Connector has the bot converse on the most prevalent conversation experience, no technical knowledge requires. There is also a diversity of implements to improve your bots, such as QnA Maker and language understanding.


Chatbot platform with many supportive: is a chatbot platform to build, train, and deploy chatbots on FB Messenger, Slack, Smooch or your website. It is straightforward to manage your conversation flow as a flowchart and get a general overview of the outputs of bot queries.

In addition, customers are enabled to browse the products in a convenient way and buy them straight from messenger 24×7 connected to messaging services Slack, Facebook Messenger. optimizes your bot with many supportive integrations.


15 minutes create chatbot platform

If you want to create a chatbot in less than 15 minutes, is completely suitable for your eCommerce stores. From handling customers to solving their queries, this chatbot platform allows customers to buy your products straight from the conversation anytime anywhere.

Morph make powerful webviews for your products, Cart, Wishlist without any server setup, customizing webviews specific to your brand and products.

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To sum up, these are some typical platforms that Troy Business Blog highlighted for your eCommerce websites. Chatbots are succeeding step by step in business negotiations better than human employees to some extent.

Hence, it is indispensable that a chatbot revolution will explore sooner than we believe, and eCommerce businesses should be always ready for riding the wave.

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